Jessica Alba’s hairdresser

Got my hair cut last weekend. Very happy to find a barber (Alessandro Lisi, in area 6 Milan) who can cut hair. As I’ve found in my lifetime of snips and blow-dry’s that having a pair of scissors and a special bendy sink, does not necessarily mean you can cut hair. In fact there were a few lost years, following some disastrous snips where I took to doing it myself, so now I’m very happy. My wife who found the hairdresser, likes him because he cuts famous peoples hair like Anna Wintour, Jessica Alba and Lindsay Lohan, to name a few. I like him because he makes me look nicer, I think! The only semi-famous person I saw in there was someone who is a regular on the Satorialist, (Picture A), whose name I don’t know and who didn’t need to go there anyway, because he was one of those Milanese guy’s who would still look good with no hair.

About Mark Hodgson

Designer and creative professional based in Jutland, Denmark

One comment

  1. Fiona.q

    please post your photo with new hair style to PROVE it 😀

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