Google street view – Manhattan Bridge, NY, USA

From Wisconsin to New York

I love this trendy old lady, taking a photo of the google street view van.

A drawing of someone, taking a photo of google, taking a photo of herself on Manhattan Bridge, New York City.

About Mark Hodgson

Designer and creative professional based in Jutland, Denmark


  1. That’s GREAT! Cheers! 🙂

  2. XtremeChocoholic🍫

    So you didn’t make up that get-up. Huh. lol. Nice!

  3. Thank you for
    Love your work
    See you on the other side of creativity
    As Sheldon Always

  4. This lady is who I will be when I’m older. Love this!

  5. This old lady is cool. And not only because of her bag and running shoes. Your drawing is stunning mark. Like your work very much. -Dominique

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