Old abandoned Houses


There is something I like about old houses. Like old people, their faces tell a story. They stand for some kind of failure, because in the end they collapse. Yet at the same time, they tell a story of success, because their age means, for a while at least, they stood the test of time. They weathered storms, they kept out the rain and heat. They sheltered their inhabitants and gave them a home to return to after a hard day. I cannot help but ask myself, who lived in them and what memories do they hide. Were the people who lived in them happy and why did they eventually leave? Also, from a purely aesthetic point of view, I love how they weather and age,Β  returning slowly to the landscape around them.Β  I wonder what history, culture and economic circumstances caused them to be built as they are in the first place.

About Mark Hodgson

Designer and creative professional based in Jutland, Denmark


  1. These are terrific sketches. So much energy & life! The fourth one especially, with the color and the off kilter look, seems inviting.

  2. I agree with you about old houses. I love basically anything from another era. They seem to tell stories and secrets and are visually interesting. I like your last drawing – the building seems a bit more modern than the others but still has a quirkiness to it.

    • thank you Dieu I like the last one too….it looks as though it was at one time part of a whole street and now it stands, all alone.

  3. Stunning! I’m totally agree with you and Dieu!
    You draw them beautifully !

  4. Cool sketches! I think old houses do tell a story and this is why I find them fascinating. Congrats on being FP!

  5. blackshepherd

    old house sketches good…I like…this is why there is no homelessness among the stick figure population…good work!

  6. Umanbn,
    Beautiful drawings. You capture the age and spirit of the homes well.
    There is something about places and things that have been around for a while. The energy level, the stories.

  7. These sketches are great. I love when people can breathe life into drawings of buildings.

  8. Wonderful images!! I love old houses too, unless of course it’s dark outside. haha

  9. Very nice skethces. I hope someone does my house sometime. It isn’t abandoned but it sure looks that way!

  10. The analogy is so true! Talking to old people is amazing because of what they know and remember….same for old houses! Great post!

  11. la-vandala-abusiva

    Like it!

  12. Reminds me of my childhood. When my street had two abandoned houses and i was so fascinated by them. I and my friends would venture inside those houses and try to picture how that family had lived in there..good times.

  13. Wonderful sketches. Great talent! I especially like the cupola on top of the first house, and the touches of color in the fourth sketch. If you’d like to see amazing photos of an abandoned country house nearly reclaimed by nature, overgrown by vegetation, see http://johnhaydeninmd.com/2012/10/20/sunday-photos-a-house-somewhere-on-the-eastern-shore/ One of those photos might inspire a sketch.

  14. beautiful sketches. Initially I thought that it is some ghost story….but i am glad that it is not.

  15. Love these! I, too, love old houses, wondering what stories they hold. They often have proportions and materials that seem so much more attractive than anything we use today. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed.

    • …I think the quality of material has a lot to do with it, those wooden houses for me are like the architectural version of a pair of old jeans.

  16. Your drawings are very realistic! The houses you drew were very eye catching…

  17. Lovely drawings, abandoned houses definitely have a special charm.

  18. As I look at these lovely old houses you have drawn, I am beside myself. They are so alive! Thank you for sharing and making this Monday morning so much brighter.

  19. I am fascinated by old houses too! I share many of the questions you ask. They make me both curious and sad. They are the ending of a story that no one is there to tell. On my way to work there is an old house that has completely collapsed except for the stairs leading up to the main enterance and a big mulberry tree next to them. Passing by I always stop and look at those lonly stair and their old companion the tree and I wonder if they are sad or nostalgic

    • …yup, I find the same fascination in the faces of old people too. I wonder what lives they have led, what they have seen, loved, lost….

  20. Beautiful drawings ! You are blessed ! Thank you so much for sharing πŸ™‚

  21. I am so happy that the pendulum is swinging back to older, smaller houses. They were built to last with more efficacy. I think that per person we only need about 300 square feet (28sqm) to live optimally, but with a patch of land. -‘tarotworldtour.wordpress.com’

  22. Great work! Thank for sharing………

  23. I just wish these old houses could talk! Don’t you! Nice house drawings!

  24. Nice sketches; I enjoy old barns for similar reasons. πŸ™‚ Keep up the nice work.

  25. Beautiful work. I guess there are many, including myself, who sometimes forget that old houses have a lot of stories to tell…

  26. Amazing work! You are really talented. I love old houses too, they have so much character and charm!

  27. Fantastic sketches! I love abandoned places and the stories they silent yearn to tell.

  28. Go Send or Disobey

    Gorgeous! I tend to draw bare, leafless trees, maybe for similar reasons…

  29. Fun…I love old homes and the mystery, sadness and past loves held within it’s walls.

  30. Looking at your drawings reminded me how much i miss working with the humble pencil
    Lovely drawings

    • Yes I’m feeling the same at the moment with everyone going back to basics I am more and more inclined to just use pencil also on a huge scale…

  31. makais

    Reblogged this on Makais Blog and commented:
    great sketches

  32. Those are some awesome sketches. I always wish I was born with that ability but my sibling were. really cool though.

  33. I had the same thought about the stories the houses could tell when I recently saw these two old, abandoned houses: http://andreasmoser.wordpress.com/2012/10/07/story-of-this-house/

    • Wow they look nice , the big one would be well worth exploring. We found some like that on a trip to Estonia and spent a good few hours exploring and taking photos…

      • I was just in Estonia last week, on the island if Hiiumaa, and found many abandoned churches, military installations and bunkers to explore. Beautiful experience! I will post photos soon (i.e. one day).

  34. kittyjane

    Beautiful! My grandparents had an artist draw their old home in a similar style. Brings back memories!

  35. Very nice sketches. You have captured the character of the buildings with simple, but effective, lines. Lovely work.
    I enjoy creation various cartoons, but also have an attraction to illustration.

    We once stayed at a remote location in the south west where there was a nice little garden outside the cottage.

    There was a bench seat and lamp, which kind of made me wonder who had sat on it over the years, so I just had to sketch it.

    It’s in this section.




  36. Great fresh drawings. You’ve given each of them personality just with a pencil. Cheers Paintlater

  37. Very nice sketches. You have captured the character of the buildings with simple, but effective, lines. Lovely work.
    I enjoy creation various cartoons, but also have an attraction to illustration.

    We once stayed at a remote location in the south west where there was a nice little garden outside the cottage.

    There was a bench seat and lamp, which kind of made me wonder who had sat on it over the years, so I just had to sketch it.

    It’s in this section.




  38. Love old houses and the stories that dwell inside.

  39. These drawings remind me so much of how my grandfather used to draw. The same free lines. There is so much character you communicate through these sketches. All the character of an old house with a thousand stories definitely comes through. Beautiful work!

    • Thank you, yes sometimes its more difficult for me to draw something typically beautiful. These old houses had so much going on it was difficult not to see and bring out their character. Glad they brought memories of your Grandfather. πŸ™‚

  40. I absolutely love these!!! I have a innate fondness for abandoned old houses too. They are so full of character and mystery and your drawings capture their essence perfectly. Kudos on being freshly pressed and keep up the fantastic work.


  41. free penny press

    These are great!!

  42. Great sketches (third one is my favorite!)

  43. The sketches are great. I really love the line quality. Were they done with graphite?

  44. I loved this, and old houses. I live in one and across the street is an old abandoned almost mansion. I wondered about it and did some research and the story behind it is book worthy. They do tell a story. Great drawings.

  45. I agree with you! There is always a story behind them. A mystery! I love antiques for the same reason! πŸ™‚ nice sketches!

  46. OyiaBrown

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  47. To me there is nothing more beautiful than an old house. My eyes always notice them, more so than any other. I too conjure up stories about previous inhabitants. Pretty cool sketches, they are sweet and alive.

  48. Lovely pictures. And you are right, there is something special with abandon houses.

  49. sophiehatton

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    This is a really interesting perspective, it sheds life on something I suppose a lot of people ignore, (I know I do). It brings positive connotations to something that’s largely viewed as a negative.

    • yes I guess art is all about trying to represent something or show it in a different light….and thankyou very much for the reblog…

      • sophiehatton

        Hey, no worries I like it when people show me a new perspective, helps me look at my work differently, thank you!

  50. I love old houses. The community I live in, Cullman, Alabama is chock full of them. We had a tornado come through our town a few years back, and it left in its wake, many abandoned historic homes. Many are being rebuilt, but if you are ever find yourself in our area, you should definitely check it out. I love your sketches.

    • Your’re right, I was aware when I wrote the post that some of the houses I saw were probably recently inhabited…..I’m sure they look interesting but to live through it probably isn’t so nice. Thak you for commenting.

  51. Beautifully expressed, I live in a house that was built in 1830, and wonder all the time about the lives lived and lost, and then I wonder about the next 200 years worth of inhabitants.

    • exactly who’ll be in there in another 100 years having the same conversation….on a virtual computer like contraption…. πŸ™‚

  52. very nice sketches! i really love the stroke of it πŸ™‚

  53. Great drawings. I’m fascinated by empty buildings too – just been to see an exhibition by Gina Soden which you might find interesting – http://www.ginasoden.co.uk/

    • Thank you Montya, Sodens work is beautiful and there seems to be more of this kind of work around at the moment. Are there more abandoned buildings or do we just have a greater appreciation for what we have lost? I’m not sure…

  54. Lovely post, very simple but provides the emotion.

  55. I especially loved how you showed some sketches with color and some without! Great job πŸ™‚

  56. Pingback: on umanbn! | whereherethere

  57. Well done for being freshly pressed! Lovely sketches. You have some great talent and being you, you don’t shout about it, I always liked that.

  58. johnlmalone

    wow! I loved your sketches and your ruminations on old houses; I wrote a poem called ‘Jetties’ which echoes similar sentiments

  59. Reblogged this on prime legal Services, LLC and commented:
    Some terrific stretches of houses that could be on your block or in your memories.

  60. Micah

    I totally agree with you! I love old, abandoned houses. They stand there, telling a story. I make up little scenarios in my mind on why the the original habitants left the house. I like the history, the slow decay. There’s some beauty in it.

    These are great sketches, by the way! πŸ™‚

  61. Very nice sketches… and the thought: excellent.

  62. Jim Brennan

    Excellent piece. The simplicity, the truth.

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