Rue Jacob, Paris

Though I’ve not been for a while, I love the Left Bank area of Paris, (or Rive Gauche), so named because for the artists, writers and philosophers that lived and worked in the area in early centuries. Now it’s just a very pleasant place to mooch around, with a lots of small galleries, boutiques and cafes. I spotted this lady on the Rue Jacob, on Google Maps, rushing to  somewhere, probably to buy a pair of shoes, or a baguette, or a saucisson, it being Paris and all…!


About Mark Hodgson

Designer and creative professional based in Jutland, Denmark


  1. I love the Left Bank too!

  2. I love your drawings/paintings.

  3. Now I wonder if she is “JUST GOING FOR IT” after stopping to read the sign? Maybe google maps caught her image the moment after she read the sign and decided, “C’est la vie, I WILL buy that red mushroom ottoman with the red polka dots!”

  4. Heide

    What a cool age we live in, that a stranger halfway across the world can be your muse and inspire this wonderful blog post! I loved your description of one of my favorite streets as much as I did your painting.

    • …yes I love Google Street View…its awesome! and gives me the cnace to visit places I cannot always visit physically…thanks so much for visiting again:))

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