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Umanbn is a blog with a focus on sketching and the visual arts, with a particular focus on my own sketches and attempts at painting. Many of my subjects are people, drawn whenever I have the time, while I’m traveling or relaxing. I also love to sketch and paint the natural world. There are also many references and posts relating to my passion for Abstract art, in whatever medium, Naive, and Outsider Art, Art and Craft, and lots of links to other humans who like sketching.

As a professional designer, you will also find blog posts with references to style and fashion, architecture and photography and literature. Links to my favourite blogs you can find at the bottom of the main page, where I hope you can find inspiration. Sometimes in my jumbled eclectic, creative brain I feel I should reduce and focus the blog to one subject, but somehow a narrow focus always escapes me and anyway is not nearly as interesting and inspiring as broad view to everything, I hope you agree.

Please feel free to take images from the blog if you need, but please reference Umanbn as the source and let me know if you wish to publish. I am more than likely to agree! I hoped the name Umanbn was self-explanatory if not, it was my attempt to create an original name and is a reduction of Human Being when pronounced phonetically. Happy browsing….Umanbn


  1. excellent work you are creating, sir! and i totally agree with your reasons for leaving and moving to switzerland…i like the bit about the kids not having knives!! thats the reason why i moved out of england some years ago…at that time, the latest craze with guns and knives was in its infancy…instead, youths were taking up that idiotic fashion of going about everywhere in those damn hoods over their heads…makes them look so menacing…and theres no need for it.
    here in BC, Canada there certainly are people with knives and guns, but they are few and far between…unless you get involved in the drug trade..or drinking etc..theres no need to fear anyone. on top of that, i ahve teh untold pleasure of living in one of the best places for outdoor enjoyment! carry on with the good work…and more drawings of your older people…they have an unseen character!

    • Hi filmcamera999, many thanks for your comment. Yes we have never been happier than since we moved here. Now having moved close to the Italian border we have the added advantage of an even better climate and access to great food (and more besides) in Italy. The safety aspect goes without saying…

  2. I always enjoy seeing your work, especially the people you draw from real-life situations.

  3. soopafishl


  4. Baxter Chobb

    Happened across your blog and its a gem … Its only a shame that London loses people like yourselves.

    • Thanks very much….and for taking the time to stop by. Yes, it’s a love and Hate thing with London, I guess the same for many and not all have the choice to leave…

      • Baxter Chobb

        Love / Hate is often mentioned in the same breath as London. Its an endlessly intriguing place, a collection of small villages and diverse identities (our neighbours are an Antiguan geologist and retired UN drug trafficking expert). As a city it leads the way in digital development and yet has often unseen depravation. The ability to leave is a precious one and something to be celebrated, your blog catches this well.
        I suspect for you its become part of your core and that perhaps causes the L/H conflict.

  5. fantastic stamp designs / illustrations.

  6. mjclcass12

    Good morning, Mark! I, too, am a Umanbn. What a joy to have just discovered your blog! have been searching for images of older people to help inspire and guide me as I create my own sketches and watercolors to accompany memoir writing for my personal legacy journal – just for my family. (This journaling provides an escape for me from the madness we are experiencing here in the United States after the election of Donald Trump. My husband would like for us to move to Sweden, where his ancestors lived. However, we are here in the same area as children and grandchildren, so we will stay.) I really appreciate the freedom I see in your work; your style encourages me to loosen up more in my own drawing and painting. It is going to wonderful to explore your blog in more detail. Thank you very, very much!

    • Hi mjclclass12, so happy to hear that you can find inspiration in my work. I get so much enjoyment everytime I pick up a pencil or paintbrush to sketch with and it’d always great to hear when anyone else gets something from it to. There are some politicians in there too. Maybe you found them? There’s no Trump in there, but I’m already bored of seeing his face, even in mockery. I wish you all the best with your journal. May your paintbrush do what your heart desires :)) Mine doesn’t always behave. :))

  7. Hi Umanbn! I love your work, and am inspired to take up drawing and painting again — something I have been promising myself to do for the last 25 years. The reasons for drawing in your review of G.O.D. are spot on. Thank you!

  8. 43route

    I have been in contact before and you said that you may be visiting my area in the future. Have you got a contact so I can send you my address for your consideration?

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