My name is Mark, I am Umanbn. Because there were too many umanbn’s in London we moved to Switzerland, where we enjoyed living as the air was clean and you could walk around without bumping into people and the children didn’t have knifes, except for Swiss army ones. Now we live in Denmark which is a little like Switzerland except it’s very flat, and wetter, with even less people. The only thing it misses are pubs and mountains. Pretty much everything else it has.

I love to draw and paint, mostly other umanbn’s, but there are not so many here, so I have to find other things to draw like land and trees and houses, which is also nice. I have recently discovered that exploring the world on Google Street view and illustrating from it, is almost as much fun as the real thing. Almost!

I would like to be a real artist, but I have to do real work as well, because I need money for food and paint brushes.  If you like this blog tell your friends and please come back again……Umanbn