David Hockney – A Yorkshire Sketchbook

I love the beautifully simple watercolour sketches by David Hockney from his book ‘A Yorkshire sketchbook.’ I bought the book in the Art bookstore Walther König, on Burgstrasse, on a trip to Berlin last week. It is the best Art and Design bookshop I know, anywhere! If you do know of a better one, in the vicinity of Switzerland please let me know, I can never buy enough pretty art books. I also bought another very nice one with photographs of naked ladies, which I may show you later. It goes without saying that these watercolours will in no way influence my own attempts at rendering landscape in that most difficult of mediums, but watch this space!David Hockney - Yorkshire David Hockney - Yorkshire 5 David Hockney - Yorkshire 4 David Hockney - Yorkshire 3 David Hockney - Yorkshire 2

About Mark Hodgson

Designer and creative professional based in Jutland, Denmark


  1. I like David hockney too- your blog is cool and your layout is neat-I am happy to be a new follower-ana

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