New Sketchbook!

A New Sketchbook! It’s still always exciting for me to start a new sketchbook, although like many other products these days, for instance clothes and electronics, it’s getting harder and harder to find the same consistent high quality. A hard-back Moleskin A5 notebook was always my favourite go to sketchbook, but the quality has declined significantly in recent years, so now, having exhausted my old “stock” I am searching for the new holy grail of sketchbooks. I guess everyone’s preference depends on personal taste and the medium they are working in. For me it would be an Acid free paper of about 150gms, with a very flat, compact surface, that doesn’t pil or tear when wet or rubbed and preferably is ivory in colour. The new Leuchtturm seems to fit the bill, although at 90gms it’s a bit lightweight. The Hahnemule on the other hand was very disappointing as it has a very soft absorbent paper surface that ‘breaks’ very easily and doesn’t take colour well. What sketchbooks does anyone else use and what have been your all time favourites? #sketchbook #sketchbookdrawing #sketchbookreview2021 #sketchbookreview #paperquality #paperqualitymatters #carandache #neocolor2 #leuchtturm1917 #leuchtturmliebe #hahnemühle #hahnemuhlepaper #moleskinsketchbook #ordningandreda #mujistationery

About Mark Hodgson

Designer and creative professional based in Jutland, Denmark

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