Don’t look at me…I’m shy!

When bloggers, style-sites and fashion bloggers first appeared online they were a refreshing novelty. First the digital camera and then increasingly the smart phone (and of course the internet) made it possible for regular people to document and photograph anything and anyone, wherever they happened to be.

There was, and still is, something exciting about regular people, finding and photographing other people they find interesting. Until recently, this had been the sole occupation of professional photographers and media publications. This activity, and general fashion opinion is now democratized, everyone is able, and many do, express their opinion, which is great.

On a trip to New York last week I observed the more recent phenomenon of the “professional blogger” having glorified selfies of themselves (taken by photographers) in clearly not spontaneous clothing. Funnily enough I found it documented in the same area of NYC on google street view – here. The same activity happens outside of all the major fashion shows in all the major cities, Milan, New York, Paris, Tokyo and London, where fashion people take photos of fashion people, at fashion shows…To the extent that I think a lot of the real spontaneity of early street-style blogs has been lost. On the plus side it does mean that anyone now, who has the will and some degree of ambition, and talent, can be both a photographer and their own fashion model, or for that matter, brand.

About Mark Hodgson

Designer and creative professional based in Jutland, Denmark

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