Boris – Mayor of London

Boris Johnson Mayor of London Boris JohnsonBeware the Fool!

About Mark Hodgson

Designer and creative professional based in Jutland, Denmark


  1. Rebecca

    He’ll be PM before we’ve realised what’s happening….

  2. Mema

    I really love how his hair came out in the first portrait. Your work’s VERY cool. I particularly love the realistic figures you draw. Curious…do you have a collection compiled? Book form? Just curious.

    • Thanks Mema. No there is no book planned as yet, although I’ve probably got enough to fill an encyclopedia!

      • Mema

        Well get on it! Your artwork is great! Your observation is so realistic, beautiful and rare. I love it when people are captured in a natural way. Your portraits are kind and optimistic (which are also rarities). ^_^

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