Good Old Drawing

In some my earlier posts and when I first had the idea to start a blog the one thing I was sure about was that it was somehow going to be about drawing and sketching.

My life has been followed and described throughout it’s ambling years by my pen and pencil on pieces of paper and I have often asked myself why I draw and what’s the point and never really come up with a satisfactory answer, except that I love to do it makes me feel happy. So it was with some joy that I recently received two books which helped to explain my lifelong obsession.

One is a book called “Good Old Drawing or G.O.D.” by John Holder and Philip Hodgkinson and the other is a “Short book about drawing,” by the Journalist and Political Commentator Andrew Marr, who by his own admission has been a keen scribbler all his life. What both books illustrate beautifully is the huge diversity of people who draw, as well as the variety of techniques used and the joy that drawing brings the “drawers”. For me personally it also answered some of the questions I had about why I do what I do:

1. That drawing is a source of happiness because it concentrates the mind and releases you from all distraction. In this sense it can be likened to prayer, meditation, or the making of anything that involves a level of skill, concentration and perseverance, like music, art, dance or writing.

2. The act of making itself is also a fundamental need or desire in all of us. With drawing we are making something, we give birth to something that never existed before we drew it.

3. It is a way of appreciating and describing the world. Every person sees the world through their own unique perspective. Drawing is an illustration and our own personal expression of this.

And lastly that drawing is always an adventure, you may think you know what you want but somehow you are always surprised by the result. Good or bad it is a journey of discovery every time.

A short book about drawingarticle-2442555-187F482600000578-539_634x460d77-04-13 article-2442555-187F483E00000578-363_306x423Good Old Drawing G.O.D.

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