What’s the Story?

I like these sketches, it feels like they are telling a story. Which story I’m not sure? Maybe one about buildings, that had people living in them and then they all left because a plague arrived, or better still, because the cast of ‘Made in Chelsea’ moved in and then later they died, and then later, much later, someone else came and thought it looked very interesting in an old buildingy kind of way and decided, there and then, that it must be sketched and put on a blog for everyone to wonder about. Or maybe not?  You, the reader can decide and write your own story, in your head, or even on a piece of paper!

Actually the second sketch was made in the birthplace of a quite famous man who was good at making pants. Can you guess who? There are no prizes though, just the satisfaction of knowing you have learned something new, about someone you know, who’s birthplace was previously unknown to you…Morcote Morcote 6 Morcote 5 Morcote 4 Morcote 3 Morcote 2 Buttenheim Bamberg 1

About Mark Hodgson

Designer and creative professional based in Jutland, Denmark


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