Is This You? Google Street View!

We were in Bologna, Italy, this Easter weekend, re-visting the people and places we used to know when we lived there. It’s a beautiful, historic and vibrant city. It rained, a lot, so I took to using Google street map to find people to draw.

I love it, there’s an endless selection of people and places to draw, each a single moment in time. A conversation. A walk with friends. A meal outdoors. A fight. A kiss. A fall. One day a cold day, another one sunny. In fact, when I drew the old Lady on Via Calzoleria, it was Winter. Then when I panned down to Via Rizzoli, 50 meters away, the season had changed to Summer. Have a look yourself, see if you can find the people I found and sketched. Maybe it’s even you? Give me the names of towns and streets which are familiar to you and maybe I can sketch those too.Berkeley Square London New Quay Road Whitby Via Calderini, Bologna Via Calzolerie,Bologna 2 Via Calzolerie,Bologna

About Mark Hodgson

Designer and creative professional based in Jutland, Denmark


  1. Fiona.q

    really?! you can google street to draw people live??? hah, man, im right now in switzerland… can you find me to take a portrait? 😀

  2. poppytump

    Such a novel idea Lol … people walking about not knowing they are being transformed here onto your blog in sketches .. love it 🙂

    • Hi Poppy many thanks for taking the time to comment. Yes there is something a bit strange and yet fascinating about all those thousands if not millions of people photographed for the world unknowingly. Endless inspiration for me!

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