I managed to squeeze in some sketching and painting over the Christmas holidays. This is the same view in watercolour and pencil of Lake Lugano, from Riva Da L’indipendenza in Morcote. Morcote other end 1Morcote other end bw

About Mark Hodgson

Designer and creative professional based in Jutland, Denmark


  1. Rich, luscious color – love it; very nice sketch work!

  2. I love the depth in the shading of your sketch.

  3. Glad you popped by my blog, because I found yours and it is jolly good!

    • Thanks very much and likewise, your work is really nice and focused i.e. in one medium. My problem is I like too many things to concentrate on one. I would love to make bigger pieces and develop further as an artist but finding those long periods of time is not so easy…

      • I used to do much larger pieces when i had a proper (large) studio, nowadays my work is much smaller in scale and I would think it will be a difficult transition to a bigger scale!

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