Fashion Designer posts fashion Post for the first time!

Well a white lie. This is actually my SECOND real fashion post since I started this blog and since I posted a similar one last week, here together with whereherethere. Normally I want to concentrate this blog on sketching, art and non-fashion related things but this post is as much about personalities and characters as it is about fashion or style so I can justify it to myself.
When I sketch someone I make an immediate mind photo of them. I take in as much information as I can as quickly as possible, and then simplify it in a sketch. That means a lot of information is absorbed and analyzed very quickly, before the mechanical part, of hand to paper takes over. It means summing up and generalizing someone’s look and features. Normally I don’t like generalizing, but in the case of sketching someone quickly, it’s necessary. I also think we all do this on a regular basis without realizing. Maybe my eye is a little more sharp and fastidious than most! We look we like! We look, we we don’t like! Anyway this week it’s about selecting photos of people rather than sketching them and on top of that, using my fashion radar to decide if I think they are stylish or not. Actually no, correction, not IF they’re are stylish, but which style I PREFER. I have my own style. The type of clothes I like to wear. Some people struggle to develop their own style, and some people don’t care at all and all credit to them, they’re probably better off that way, fashion and style are very narcissistic although style itself is more about personal expression, than it is about fashion or trends. For me, style, fashion, personality and identity have always been very closely linked and such an integral part of my life that I cannot imagine separating them. And in particular it is style, based on expression and identity that still attracts me today. It is also that type of style on which I have based this weeks choice of my five most stylish guys. I did this using WGSN’s style blog, street shot page, as the reference, Here. (WGSN is the biggest and most influential online fashion and trend service used by the fashion industry). My wife has done the same on whereherethere, nascosto (in secret) so that we can compare and contrast later. Have a look yourself and let us know which of the five you would have chosen. What would your choice be based on? What kind style do you like? Do you agree with the choice?

He looks a bit worried about having his photo taken, but he’s put a great look together and I especially like the beach outfit topped of with a winter woolly hat.

I like the colours. I like the soft drapeyness of his look, (it kind of goes with the soft drapeynes of his face!)

Easy, summer, great colours, nice print and a little bit camp.

Something very different, I can hardly tell id its a girl or a boy but it doesn’t matter. Just a great and energetic combination of pattern and strong colour.

…and finally…a great boho combination of Austrian shepherd and New York cool, love the tattoos, love the the feather in his cap.

About Mark Hodgson

Designer and creative professional based in Jutland, Denmark


  1. love the third look!

  2. Looooooooove the last look.

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