Men and Women have different fashion tastes – Discuss!

My wife was in fashion as a product manager and now runs her own fashion lifestyle Blog. I still work in fashion and spend most of my time either thinking about it or trying not to think about it, depending on the time of day or week. So you can imagine that we have some discussions at home on the subject. One of my opinions rightly or wrongly, is that what men find stylish and what women find stylish, are very different things. Although quite often we’ll pick the same things for ourselves or each other, more often than not we’ll choose differently. What guides those choices? Why do we like what we like? What makes someone stylish or attractive? Also what a man finds stylish in a woman, is different from what a women would find stylish. We had hoped to limit this experiment to just taste in style, but the more we tried to objectively select our stylish people, the more we realized that style and attraction are almost inseparable.

So, we decided to approach this scientifically and do a proper experiment. We secretly and separately, selected five men and five girls from the same group of people, who we thought were the most stylish. Not the most attractive, although a good style certainly adds to your attraction, or necessarily the most fashionable, but those we thought the most stylish. We did this using WGSN’s style blog, street shot page as the reference page, Here. Have a look yourself and let us know which five you would have chosen. (WGSN is the biggest and most influential online fashion and trend service used by the fashion industry). This post concentrates on the selection of women. Mine on Umanbn and my wifes selection on her blog: Whereherethere. We’ll post the men a little later so stay tuned. For me selecting the women was much harder than selecting the men. For starters with the men I can immediately transfer my own style, and imagine myself wearing it (or not). It was much more instinctive. I either liked it or I didn’t. Where as with the women the whole selection process was complicated by subject of attraction. Am I attracted to the woman or is it her style I find appealing? How much can a persons aura and personality transfer through the screen, in just one photo? I tried to see it objectively but it’s not entirely possible. The same thing happened when my wife selected her guy’s. Overall the whole discussion probably says much more about our own personal tastes than anything else as style and taste are very personal.This girl was the first I picked. Actually she’s has very similar style to my wife…She has an elegant clean and easy way about her. She also has great legs, so not everyone can carry this off. But style is about making the most of what you have, but not overcooking it.Girl number two could almost be the same as number one. Their actual styles are very similar but I like the slightly harder rockabilly edge to this look. The bag, the ring, the greased hair and berry lips.So this lady was in, then out, then in again. I was worried that she was coming a little too close to being Mummsy M&S. But I think she’s more imaginative and elegant than that. Although the coat is classic and even the blouse, what tips it over and gives her look a twist are the bleached Jeans. I would be interested to see what shoes she is wearing.Okay, so this girl was an easy pick for me. I love her style. Many Japanese are over the top, way out there with the bunny rabbits when it comes to stirring wonder. But this girls has a really eclectic yet easy style which is very endearing. I love her combination of skateboard, plastic umbrella and Native American blanket.So I’m almost sure my wife won’t have picked this girl. I love colour and at the moment I love strong combinations of colour. She somewhere between dressed down and dressed up. Skater bling chic.

About Mark Hodgson

Designer and creative professional based in Jutland, Denmark


  1. How funny, girl number one and number two are very much what I wear that it didn’t even cross my mind putting them into my list even though I love the simplicity of the looks.

  2. Love this! My boyfriend & I both agreed, the first two girls have amazing style, but I personally adore the last one as well.

    Great blog!

    • Thank you so much for the comments….you should check out the wgsn streetshots blog and see if you would have chosen any differently, there are some great looks and ideas there.

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