Evolution of a Blog

As we’ve been clearing out the house in preparation for our move my head has been constantly stuck in clean-up mode. Hence when I plugged my self into the world wide web today, I decided it was time that I also did a belated spring-clean on the blog.  I’m can also hear whispers, in the empty space between my ears, of a re-design and re-structure of the whole blog, but that will definitely have to wait till I have my feet firmly on the ground again. At least I did manage to edit out some of the outdated links and add some new ones.

Pinterest, if you’re not aware of it already,  is one of my favourite sites at the moment. It works as an online pinboard, sharing collections images, which you can share and add your own images, or simply browse and be inspired. Idle minutes is a simple and fun, watercolour sketch blog, by a guy called Don West. I like his style. It’s simple and loose, yet descriptive and the blog is easy to browse through. Mr Porter is my cursory nod to fashion and is far and away, the best online shopping site for men at the moment. Beautifully designed and easy to navigate it has a great selection of clothing and accessories and is the brother to the women’s shopping site, Net a Porter. Finally another of my favourite style sites is Desire to Inspire. This is a really great blog if you are stuck for ideas for your home or just need to be inspired. Canadian Kim and Brisbane Jo met online and churn out a continuous stream of beautifully curated images of interiors, architecture and design.

Desire to Inspire

Idle Minutes

About Mark Hodgson

Designer and creative professional based in Jutland, Denmark

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  1. I love Pinterest! It’s so addictive, though 🙂

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