When I’m sixty four

Old folks

When ever I draw old people I inevitably end up putting myself in their comfy low impact shoes and asking myself what I will be doing, thinking, watching, eating and wearing when I get to that age. Like, will I still be interested in clothes at all? Obviously, I’ll still be wearing something, I just wonder if I’ll still care what it is? And for sure it will have to be something comfy and warm. I’m already wearing a vest all year round as it is, so God knows how many layers I’ll be piling on when I get to pension age? I’ll probably look something like a textile onion with crepe sole shoes, long ears and no hair!

So here are some questions you can ask yourself, while your looking at these old folks.

1. How old is old?

2. Where do old people buy their clothes?

3. Do old folks look at Blogs?

4. What sort of blogs do they look at?

5. When we’re 64, will we still be looking at blogs and writing blogs and if so, what about?

6. Will blogs even exist?

7. Will the world exist?

8. Why are we here in the first place?

You see what dangerous path you can get onto when you start drawing old people! Next post I think I’ll stick to drawing buildings or women in bikinis….

About Mark Hodgson

Designer and creative professional based in Jutland, Denmark


  1. I think a lot of old timers are wearing clothes from over 30 years ago. I’ve seen a few old boys wearing some cool, vintage looking jackets before.
    I don’t think a 64 year old can be classed as an old person now though…

  2. homespicelife

    Great blog you have here. Love the sketches of people! Looking forward to going through the archives!

  3. Pretty erotic imagery.

    Still I think I love the style despite being wholly unprepared for the sensual nature of it all.

    The lady in the flower outfit was my favorite.

  4. Madoqua

    Your drawings are great – I agree that 65 is not really old – lots of people are still unretired at age 65.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my Asterix post.

  5. I like it very much… I think you are fashionable…or probably you are designer?
    that’s great!!! I wait next art. your new fans….

  6. mary

    hang on, Im 60 love sketching ‘old’ people and im looking at your blog right now and not wearing a vest!!!

    • Ah Mary, that’s very clearly because you’re NEW old and not OLD old…I mean look at Debbie Harry, I bet she doesn’t wear vest either!

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