Quentin Blake

As you might have guessed by now I kind of like sketching. Near the top of that heap of admiration and likeness would be the work of caricaturists and satirists, in particular the work of Quentin Blake, Gerald Scarfe and the lesser known Fritz Wegner.

Wegner illustrated my favourirte kids book The Fattypuffs and The Thinifers by Andre Maurois, which  if you’ve not read it is the fantastic story of two brothers, one thin, one fat, who travel to an imaginary world separated into the fat, pleasant and generous Fattypuffs and the thin, energetic and mean spirited Thinifers.

Quentin Blake is probably most famous for his illustrations of Roald Dahl’s books, most notably Charlie and the Chocolate factory, The BFG and Matilda… and I can’t imagine anyone else being more perfectly suited to the task than Blake whose  anarchic and unruly illustrations perfectly capture the comical, semi-surreal world’s created by Dahl…. Gerald Scarfe is a political satirist and cartoonist who has also worked as a theatre designer. His work is biting and vicious and at the same time funny, poignant and irreverent. What’s more incredible is that these guy’s have all been at it for more than fifty years apiece and are all still working as we speak. So I guess you can expect some satirically inspired sketches here soon…..

About Mark Hodgson

Designer and creative professional based in Jutland, Denmark


  1. Fiona.q

    if you are just kinda like sketching and you have already been this inspiring to me, then im just wondering if you are obssessed with sketching, how amazing will you be then?! 😉
    p.s. i love all these 3 styles in this post.

    • Thanks Fiona…well I guess I would be pretty awesome if I was obsessed but not so good at everything else.. 🙂

      • Fiona.q

        i see. yea, this is much more worthy that if you are also good at other things more than just one thing.
        p.s. since i moved to europe last week.. now im gonna explore europe more. may i ask where do you locate in switzerland? maybe one day we can meet for a while? im a fan of your arts.. so.. but defnitely fine if you dont want to 🙂

  2. All great artists in their own right.

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