View over London

It seems like a lonnnng time since I put one of these out. There are no reasons, only excuses which I won’t go into except to say its been a busy few months.

Last weekend we were in London for a few days. Like many people I know, I have a love hate relationship with London. There are so many things to like and dislike.

I will list some:

it’s busy and stressful
it’s exhausting
it’s impersonal and people are rude
it can be dangerous and alienating
  • it takes too much time to get anywhere or get anything


its energy
its bookshops, clothes shops, cafes, pubs, cinemas, restaurants
its hugely diverse and innumerable people
  • its exhilarating urban landscapes
  • the diversity in everything
  • freedom and anonymity
  • its both stimulating and exhausting at the same time

While I was there I managed finally to get hold of one of Miroslav Sasek’s brilliant books, This is London. I wish I had the time to do justice to the people and sights I saw as well as he did. Sasek did a brilliant job, he is sharp, witty and informative and his illustrations deceptively simple and yet saying so much. They capture beautifully the spirit of the big city and also the detail of its places and people. Some things have changed a lot in London in the fifty years since he made the book, even in the four years since we left. Like any big city, London is constantly in flux. 

One thing that does remain the same however is the magnetic energy that draws all kinds of people to London. Its vibrant diversity and the feeling of being part of something big. A place of opportunity, of gold, silver and big bright shiny lights.


About Mark Hodgson

Designer and creative professional based in Jutland, Denmark


  1. Fiona.q

    oh, are people in London rude? i thought it’s “gentleman”, lol.
    by the way, i like “the platform”.

  2. Anonymous

    agree totally!!’London draws you in,then spits!!!…you out’

    • …and even though it drives you crazy it still makes you feel that most other places are lacking a little something.

  3. ah, London…what a dizzy, beautiful, topsy-turvy city. I still haven’t given up the dream to live there someday.

  4. Stella Hodgson

    i think in Bank st. London,there is a milestone set there by the Romans, from which every mile is measured from in the whole country, amazing History, I love it!

  5. Stella Hodgson

    That was so interesting reading about the wild horses and that part of S. Africa.

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