New Year 2012

Wanted to post these up last week. Wanted to do more of them. Wanted to do them all nicely in colour. But wanting and finding the time and energy are not always compatible. Still….they’re here now! I was fascinated and just a little appalled, but not surprised by the antics of New Year revellers in the UK on New Years Eve. The thing is if you don’t live in the UK you might be mistaken for thinking that this happens only on News Years eve, so that would be okay. But it pretty much happens all over the country, in small towns and cities, every weekend. It don’t know what it says about the state of the UK at the moment. It’s certainly a pressure valve, with out which, the frustration of living there would likely bubble up somewhere else. It does however make great subject matter for my art. I love the resemblance that some of the prostate drinkers have to dead bodies…i guess that’s why they call it dead drunk. You can see the originals here….

About Mark Hodgson

Designer and creative professional based in Jutland, Denmark


  1. Fiona.q

    why i feel you put sth more in female dead drunk than male ones? 😀

  2. Nice work. People are pretty much getting blasted here in the States too. How coool that you were sober enough to draw them.

  3. these figures are amazing, i work at a bar and will sketch before my shift starts, not quite as good as these though! people like these are very captivating subjects. well done.

  4. These are great. I would love to see you pan this out into some large project. You could release it as a sort of social awareness tool and art hybridization.

  5. Seriously good sketches. Drawing dead drunk people – any chance you get punched? Perhaps i hsve not your courage.

  6. Baxter Chobb

    Ah the delights of the Daily Mail … Is it possible to find a more jaundice, hating journal which focuses on the negative without the sense or intelligence to look beyond its circulation figures.

    • yes it seems a lot of the media are sliding down that slippery slope. Infact what large organisation does care about anything other than it’s viewings, shareholders or circulation figures…

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