What does autumn mean to you?

Woodsmoke, coffee, bonfires, apples, walnuts and roasting chestnuts. The smell of decaying leaves and unknown fungi, the rustling sound in the trees that was not there a week ago, dark earth, complex, textured colours, gold, green, red and yellow, cold dry air, a warm sun and a lack of birds.


About Mark Hodgson

Designer and creative professional based in Jutland, Denmark


  1. Perhaps a nostalgic air about your prose and a so suitable and gentle watercolour to match – made a cold day here a little warmer for me – thank you.

  2. You’re right, there is something nostalgic about about Autumn…a feeling of closing down and introspection….

  3. why i see summer in your autumn too? 😉

    • You are clever…..! It was done about a month ago…so the end of summer beginning of Autumn. Although this year we have had a very long summer/Autumn…..

  4. Came over from Rosie Scribblah. Happy to find another person posting their artwork. Nice work.

    • Thank you…you should check out the links umanbns who like sketching…lots of great sites to find other scribblers.:)

  5. Val

    I love the way the greens just flow in the lower painting, like movement of nature through time.

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