On the plane


I love the work of Photographer, Phillip Kalantzis Cope and anyone who has spent any amount of time on aeroplanes and in airports, will appreciate the world within a world, he has managed to capture so beautifully. So many times up there I find myself lost in thought while the world zips by below and above me. Not quite knowing where you are passing over or even what it is you are looking at, at the same time both vulnerable and cocooned.  It`s also a little topical, as last week I lost a sketch book and all my favourite drawing pens, on a Swiss air flight back from Dusseldorf….full of snapshot sketches taken from the same viewpoint. 😦 😦 😦

About Mark Hodgson

Designer and creative professional based in Jutland, Denmark


  1. once i planned a trip to Dusseldorf, but in the end i changed it to Milano, lol

  2. About to fly across the US so this is relevant – they are great photos for conveying the feeling of being in a plane.

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