Evolution of a blog

evolution of a blog

….so three months in and how am I doing? Well, when I started out I kind of half hoped I would be competing with the Satorialist for views by now, I’m not quite there yet! I have a steady, if small flow of visitors, about a thousand or so a month, which is not great but not quite disastrous either. I’m calculating in my experienced blogger mind this depends mainly on a couple of things. One; Content (both verbal and visual). And two; Exposure. With the content I’m reasonably happy, but I can definitely see where I can refine and improve it. (I’m open to suggestions!?). With regards to exposure, I’m not the facebook, twitter, et al kind of person, so I really have to rely on tag, web searches and exposing myself on other peoples blogs. Of course it would be nice to have a thousand clicks a day but I’ll be just as happy when I get the content and focus of the blog optimised. The rest I hope will follow in time. Till then……I shall endeavour to make it as pleasant as possible….


About Mark Hodgson

Designer and creative professional


  1. Sukanya Ramanujan

    Thousand clicks a month is not bad- I’ve been in this for almost two years now and I’m not doing too much better than that- its the content, networking, regularity of posting and some smart use of technology that counts! All the best though!

  2. What I love about your work.

    1. Simplicity.
    2. Beauty.
    3. Risk.
    4. Passion.
    5. Open to critique.

    And yes, I’m gonna hit that follow button now 😉

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