Is it just me or do you ever wonder just who people are, when you see them sitting in airport lounges, railway stations, tube trains, cafes and beaches?…… Like where are they from? Where are they going too? Are they married? Are they gay, single, straight? Do they like their job? Do they like their life? Are they really so unhappy or is it just because they are sitting on a dirty hot train going to work (again)? Are they really as rich as they look? Poor as they look? …and why are they looking at me? Do they know I’m sketching them?


About Mark Hodgson

Designer and creative professional based in Jutland, Denmark


  1. I do, I wonder all the time. I can spend hours people watching and wondering. I like your sketches. They look so quick and simple yet they effectively portray so much. Great stuff.

  2. I love observing, Hate being observed, but that’s what you get, right? Everytime I’m on a bus or train I end up making up stories behind the faces I see, or in other words – I end up staring at random people. Great sketch!

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