Artist Statement Generator

I didn’t find much time for creating any lovely artwork this last week or so but I did find this, thanks to luannudell. A fun way to generate the only Artist statement you will ever need, which originated and can be found on Artists Nick Fortunato and Erin Seymour’s Art website My first attempt came out like this.

Through my work I attempt to examine the phenomenon of Cartman as a methaphorical interpretation of both Cy Twombly and feeling.

What began as a personal journey of shitism has translated into images of mangos and girls bums that resonate with medittaranean people to question their own deep yellowness.

My mixed media integrity embody an idiosyncratic view of Charles Darwin, yet the familiar imagery allows for a connection between Steve Mcqueen, woods and potatoes.

My work is in the private collection of don’t remember who said ‘amazing!, that’s some real really Art.’

I am a recipient of a grant from Folsom Prison where I served time for stealing mugs and tie clips from the gift shop of The Technorama. I have exhibited in group shows at no fast food chains and the Tate Modern, though not at the same time. I currently spend my time between my living room and Berlin.

About Mark Hodgson

Designer and creative professional based in Jutland, Denmark

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