The internet is great

Just to let you know, before you read further, this post has nothing to do with Art or anything painting related, except for the picture itself which of course is a painting. It was just that I thinking this morning on my half hour journey to work, which is my thinking time, (I don’t generally think much outside of this time!), how fantastic the internet actually is and even more so blogs and such. I mean when I was a kid we didn’t even have a real T.V. it was beige, only tuned to one channel, and in those days stopped broadcasting at eight o’clock or thereabouts…and now you literally have access to the whole world, or at least the whole world which is online! How great is that? And, I also realized, that the the only limitation to blogging is your own imagination. You are even your own censor. When I realized this I realized what the possibilities could be for my blog….(if only my imagination wasn’t so limited!) Does that mean there will be swearing and rude stuff…probably not!

Also, the tags I have added have nothing to do with Art, they are just a way of trying to attract more readers, like word worms on a hook. I have noticed that every time I put a well known artist name as a tag or header I get more hits on the blog. So then another thought occurred to me (that’s a lot today)…..and this is only an experiment. I will put some of the top forty searches on the internet, as tags on this post and see if it really makes a difference to my number of hits, and then I will let you know…some are incredibly obscure, at least to me, (maybe someone can explain); 1 – Google (no surprise)…also 1 – 11 year old gives birth…! (US only)  2- youtube 7 – aquarius 8 – Helena Bonham Carter??? (US only) 9 – Horrible bosses trailer (US again) 15 – Virgo (why Aquarius beats Virgo I don’t know) and lastly 15 – Seattle weather (They must have some serious weather in Seattle)…and off we go. Hope you like the picture by the way…more in the same vein as the last.

About Mark Hodgson

Designer and creative professional based in Jutland, Denmark

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