Don’t draw what you see

I’ve been playing recently with less observational drawing and painting and more with my own kind of free association technique, (although surrealism is not what I’m aiming for). I just want to create a piece without any preconceived idea of the final outcome or composition. I work mainly in pencil, watercolour and felt tip, because these are fast and easy materials and that way everything moves quickly. Also I deliberately don’t get too caught up with how it might look at the end. Additionally, I like the idea of pulling from different source materials and seeing what new associations these bring up when brought together. Working on waxed paper also keeps the randomness to a maximum. Have a look at this link, alcottArt which has a lot of nice children’s drawings. I love the freedom with which children draw and create. They have far fewer preconceptions about how things should be drawn than us adults.

About Mark Hodgson

Designer and creative professional based in Jutland, Denmark

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