evolution of a blog

Just looking at some other blogs this morning What I saw today and The Satorialist being two very good examples, makes me a just little jealous at how very clear and focused they are and I wonder if they started out with a very clear idea of what they wanted at the beginning (probably), rather than having a fairly good idea (like me). Not that I want mine to be SO singular, only that it finds its own niche, (suggestions welcome). There are just too many different and inspiring things out there to ignore. Some people must have telescopic eyes, mine I think, are more like flies, like a hundred, looking in different directions at once. Although I did make one conscious decision and that was to limit the fashion content to a minimum, as this is my daily work and also because there are a lot of other people out there already doing great (and not so great) fashion blogs.

About Mark Hodgson

Designer and creative professional based in Jutland, Denmark


  1. Great observation. I started by blog with very clear idea of what to include and exclude, mostly because I hated blogs that started out great but ended up being personal journals. But I have seen talented people who can make their journals seem amazing too.
    As far as you go, I love the way the blog has evolved. Serendipity or research, who cares as long as we get something good at the end?

    • …thanks for your support. It’s really great to get some constructive feedback starting out….so onwards and upwards. Good luck with yours too it reads very well, with a lot of soul and integrity.

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